Monday Motivation

Keep avoiding self love and the universe will keep sending you people who don’t know how to love you.

Some people don’t deserve your time, protect your energy.

Life is short. Appreciate the ones around you & forget about the ones that left you.

It’s perfectly ok to think you’re too good for certain shit.

Never be 2 faced, be real to people don’t pretend.


Words Of Wisdom Wednesday

Allow yourself to welcome all the changes happening mentally, physically & spiritually.

Don’t let the noise distract you from your vision. You’re headed somewhere incredible. Stay focused. Stay positive and everything.

Believe that your prayers are already answered & feel a strong gratitude for the delivery.

You’re renewed every moment. Accept the new energy.

Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

For the month of September I encourage you to do this things:

1 lunch date w/a friend

24 hours no social media

1 day outdoors

1 night out w/ friends

1 date night ( even by yourself)

1 breakfast meetup w/friends

1 movie night

1 day serving others

1 day completely to yourself 

Words Of Wisdom Wednesday


If you could see what’s coming, you wouldn’t stress about what’s happening.

Don’t let anyone take you back to a level you’ve already leveled up from.

Don’t be so loyal you end up being stupid.

We repeat what we don’t repair.


Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Set monthly goals

Carry a bottle of water everywhere

Write  email to-dos on paper

Follow a quick morning routine

Unsubscribe from emails

Listen to podcast & audio-books

Practice self-care

Drink a glass of wine

Get a massage

Post a cool #throwbackthursday on social media 

Monday Motivation

You deserve more

You deserve to fall in love

You deserve to be confident

You deserve to set a goal, big goal at that

You deserve amazing friends

You deserve to live without self doubt

Most of all you deserve to be happy

You are deserving of more and better


So repeat after me and say “I deserve more”.

Happy Monday have a great week and don’t forget to be great!!!!!!!!