Monday Motivation

My energy is that I’ve already won. No competing, no jealousy, no bitterness. Everything I need today, I will need tomorrow, will come. I’m willing now and I’ll be winning then too. Gratitude for now and gratitude for tomorrow.

Sunday Funday

Are you ready for some football???? Sure as hell not me (lol) don’t understand it and will never get into it. But I am participating in the food and drink and I will watch the halftime show though. I’m actually sitting here waiting on my class reunion meeting to start on zoo, so I figured I would just blog for a bit being that I haven’t done so in a hot minute. Gotta go it’s getting close to 1 o’clock (I’ll be back soon, I promise).

Saturdaze Tea

Sometimes I feel like my love life is at a stand still and often times I feel like it’s never gonna happen to me, but just when I felt in doubt I came across this girl page on twitter and I was reading her tweets, and this one tweet stuck out to me she tweeted (dammit I can’t find it anymore smh) but anyway basically she was single for a long time and last month she got in a relationship with this amazing man and see said to God now I know why you had me wait so long for love cuz you sent me a man that was meant just for me. So I took that as I need to stop being so impatient and just wait on God’s timing.

Sunday Funday

So fall is upon us and October is coming to an end. As we end these next two weeks of the month, let us reflect on our highs and lows and think about new goals to achieve for the month ahead.

Let’s not forget Sunday’s are for selfcare, so what are you doing for yourself today?