Thoughtful Thursday

This year was my second annual “Friendsmas”and as always it was a huge success. This year i added a new person to the group and just as i thought she fit in with the rest perfectly. I want to take time out and introduce you guys (the readers) to my friends

Brooke bka (better known as) Vinnny we have been friends for i would say 10-11years maybe less but it has been a long time. We met at the daycare we work at, she actually got hired a month after me, anyway we instantly click we have so much in common that you would think we were sisters separated at birth, it’s scary how much we have in common like really.

Michelle bka Money Making Mitch   we met about 4 or 5 years ago and like Brooke we work at the same daycare and we also instantly click, she’s a ray of sunshine, she full of life and energy, she’ brings such good vibes when she’s around gotta love her.

Oh and by the way Brooke, Michelle and myself all are born in the month December.

And last but not least we have Jenealle bka Neal her and i met a couple of months ago well around summer time, we actually work in the same classroom and just like the other two we of course instantly clicked also. What i like about Neal is she very open and honest, i respect her bluntness and she has a heart of gold too.

i’m so lucky to have such good friends in my life, i’m thankful to each of then and glad i build such a strong friendship with these ladies.

    i look forward to another wonderful and successful “Friendsmas” with these ladies again in 2017

(in the pic below are myself, Brooke, Jenealle, and Michelle in the center)


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