Thoughtful Thursday

So I was talking to a coworker yesterday about (of course) men and i was telling her that it is extremely hard for me to find the right guy. I told her since my last relationship I’ve never been asked on a date all the guys i have encountered all they wanted to do was come over my house and chill (sex). So she went on to ask me if I gave it up fast and my answer was of course not, she goes on to say well i wonder what the problem is cause most the time guys end things with woman who give up fast, i say yeah i know i’m not that type of girl anyway. So we manage to sum it up to maybe they aren’t ready for what i’m ready for.

I’m 32 years old and not interested in  just being a friend with benefits at my age. That’s something you do when your in your 20’s. I’m at the time in my life that i want something long term. She even asked me have a tried any of the dating online sites, my response was i’m not paying any money on a dating site that will link me up with a creep (lol). I just might try speed dating though, now that seems fun and to be honest right up my alley.

  I just hope one day maybe the right guy will come my way and we will start a love journey (lol) i know that sound corny but hey i’m a hopeless romantic, what do you expect?


the question is how do or when do you know you found the right one? and how do you know that you let the right none go?