New Music Monday

    CassoBandz, the salesman, is back with another one of course.  It is a banger!  As always, Casso has been out here really trapping and living what he spits.  That is why the people are starting to relate to him more and more and his skill set is so up there, he is a natural and barely writes.  Currently recording at Big Wet Studios, his skill level is continuously rising, his writing is immaculate and the freestyles are insane…he’s killing it drop after drop.  His authenticity and him just being in his natural habitat is what makes the magic happen.  Ironically, the new single “Salesman” is here for free!  Get that motivation the El Bandz way and, shout out to Leo DiCaprio….#SALESMAN
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Twitter: @lilHennyBaby IG: @hennnyyyb

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