You Put A Spell On Me

It’s funny how you don’t want to be in a continuing a situation but yet you find yourself in the same predicament yet again.

With that being said: 

In the early 2000’s i exchanged numbers with this guy, someone i knew from around town ( we live in a small town where everyone knows everybody and their business and your damn near related to them lol) anyway like i was saying. I exchanged numbers with this guy, at first it was just a textingship lol and it still kinda is, i mean we link up from time to time but it’s more a textingship. This has been going on for years like i said since mid 2000 but anyway, dude has a gf who he claims but doesn’t claim to this day (smh). This guy and I have been flirtatious for years through texting, and when we link up boy is it magical. 

Fast forward to the present time (yesterday) I sent him a friendly text just saying Hi nothing more nothing less considering the fact that I haven’t heard from him in a long while, the conversation was simply platonic, but then it slowly goes south in to the sexting mode which is ok being that I always get a rise out of then whenever we speak lol. Towards the end well I’ll say mid conversation he asks “you wanna be mine?” mind you as i stated he has a gf already, at one time back in the day i wanted to be his gf after finding out he was already not available/ available lol he had told me he couldn’t give me that simply cause he wasn’t ready aka already in a relationship. My answer to him was ” I thought that you weren’t ready for that. In return he gets upset and becomes standoffish which is ok with me because I thought that I was over him in a romantic kinda way but i’ll always crave him so to speak. He cast some type of spell on me that will always lure me to him regardless how long we go not speaking, regardless if his in a relationship with someone else or not.

Like a moth to a flame

Like a addict to the best cocaine i can’t seem to shake

Will it be a bad thing if i see him again? 


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