Thoughtful Thursday

March is going to be legendary, everything I do is going to bring lots of value & good vibes to others & myself. It’s going to be a month of blessing & abundance. So here’s to a new month a new chapter to get it right.

Let’s see what this new month will bring!!!!!!!!!!!

Words Of Wisdom Wednesday

Stop explaining yourself to other people, you owe no one any explanation of what you do, your life is yours not theirs.

Your lack of dedication is an insult to those who believe in you.

Keep your head up, your day is coming.

Fly above the negativity.

God’s plan is bigger than your past.

Without rain, nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storms of you life.



Monday Motivation

A Winner never stops trying, so if you want something keep working at it no matter your age, or even if you are a newbie at it, still try. Keep trying and dream big. Sometimes we don’t know our hidden talents and we aren’t brave enough to explore it/them.


Sunday Funday

February 24th




The better you support and care for yourself, the better you will be at sustaining and enjoying the life you want to build.

Pace is a mighty tool.

As you end your fabulous weekend please take time out to do the following: Reset, Recharge & Release the things from the week before & prepare yourself for the new work week.



Words Of Wisdom Wednesday

Rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountain tops never will

You are not too old and it’s not too late

Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change

Blossoming into a badass woman with more faith than fear

Use every brick that they throw at you to stand on 

Things I Try Live By Tuesday

Have a mini declutter session

Watch your favorite movie. Even if it’s 20th time

Take a long, relaxing bath

Burn your favorite candle

Turn your phone off for a few hours

Have a mini pamper session

Write yourself a love letter

Put on some music and dance away

Make your favorite meal

Sleep in on the weekend

Monday Motivation

You’ve got to know your worth….even if it gets a little lonely sometimes

You are not too old and it’s not too late

Make space for the next version of you, she’s coming

On a mission to build an empire and leave a legacy

Everything you do now is for your future, think about that 



Grooving On A Saturday

Saturdayz are lazy dayz, it’s the day that you stay in bed late the most, it’s the day to do laundry and meet up with your girls mid day for brunch, it’s also the day that you binge watch the latest Netflix series. The day you try to get yourself together from the night before (hungover) what a night right? lol, saturday just might be my second favorite day of the week.

Saturday’s are the day you stay at home and dance around in your house butt naked and have no care in the world, i like to look at saturdays as days of reflecting of the previous week, the do’s the don’t’s, the what i should have said or done. Some of the things i do on a saturday morning is of course sleep in (lol) check my social media accounts, check emails. Then the usual shower, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast and binge watch Netflix or lifetime.


Tell me what your satuday morning rituals.

Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Go get a good workout

Read a good book

Buy a coloring book and color away

Read some inspiring or motivational quotes

Listen to calming music

Write down your current thoughts and feelings

Find a quiet place and meditate

Slow your breathing

Spend time with your loved ones

Eat energizing healthy food