Grooving On A Saturday

Saturdayz are lazy dayz, it’s the day that you stay in bed late the most, it’s the day to do laundry and meet up with your girls mid day for brunch, it’s also the day that you binge watch the latest Netflix series. The day you try to get yourself together from the night before (hungover) what a night right? lol, saturday just might be my second favorite day of the week.

Saturday’s are the day you stay at home and dance around in your house butt naked and have no care in the world, i like to look at saturdays as days of reflecting of the previous week, the do’s the don’t’s, the what i should have said or done. Some of the things i do on a saturday morning is of course sleep in (lol) check my social media accounts, check emails. Then the usual shower, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast and binge watch Netflix or lifetime.


Tell me what your satuday morning rituals.


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