Words Of Wisdom Wednesday

Give it time:

Success, progress, healing, and growth are incremental and happening even when you don’t realize it.

Think of your physical growth, you didn’t always realize that you were growing, but it was happening; you were doing it.

And you’re still doing it now.

Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Morning & evening meditation

Workout until you sweat

Make a plan for your day

Do one thing you’ve been putting off

Send someone you know a nice message

Review the day, what worked and what didn’t

Make a list for tomorrow to clear your mind before you sleep

Thoughtful Thursday

Speak greatness into your life

Good things are coming my way

Good things are happening for me

Good things are attracted to me

Good things are manifesting for me

Keep believing that good things are coming your way. Don’t be afraid of new beginnings, everything is in fruition your vision will be realized/ noticed. Just believe that you will achieve.

Monday Motivation

How you treat others, is how you really feel inside.

When you feel good, you act well and that’s what you put into the universe. Just because you feel like shit doesn’t mean for you to try and make others feel like shit. As we go into a fresh new week let’s to be in good spirits and spread positive energy to ourselves and those around us, no on wants to be around someone with cruel intentions and bad vibes. So Be great today and the rest of the week continue to be positive to yourself and others, and watch everyone’s day/ week get better.

Words Of Wisdom Wednesday

You’ve got to accept what’s not for you the same way you accept what is

Nothing is going to stand in your way this year, not even you

Be proud of yourself even for the little things & the small accomplishments

Focus on yourself, your life, your career, your family, your real friends & most importantly your happiness

You have to know how to move accordingly with people

Be grateful for what you have while you’re working for what you want