Monday Motivation

Self Love Is The Best Love

It’s important to your happiness, your relationship and life dreams, when you set out to find love & worthiness, you can literally conquer the world. You are enough blossom into your highest self. Don’t forget to not loose yourself no matter what.

Monday Motivation

May your spirit be refreshed

May your mind be renewed

May your soul be recharged

May your inner-power be refueled

May your worries be relieved

May your past be redeemed

May your boundaries be respected

May your kindness be reflected

May your life be relaxed and always rewarding


Saturday Vibe

Most Saturday mornings consist of brunch and mimosa’s & others consist of sleeping in and eating leftovers. This morning I did neither (lol), instead I got up around 9ish took a shower got dressed & headed to the nail salon, much needed fill-in, pedicure & eyebrows done. The works of a nail technician will have you looking and feeling like a brand new woman (lol). Later on today i’ll be dining with a couple close friends down by the water, summer is near and i’m ready to have some much needed fun.

It’s a new month what are some if your goals you plan to reach this month?