Thoughtful Thursday

Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun & the moon, they shine when it’s their time.

Happiness is the new rich

Inner peace is the new success

Health is the new wealth

Kindness is the new cool



Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Make a cup of tea

Browse the “positive and recovery” tags

Look up D.I.Y. project

Bake something

Light incense

Burn sage

Make a to-do list

Plan a weekend getaway and stay at a airbnb

Write a list of things you love about yourself 

Create a vision board

Things I Try To Live By

  • Sit in silence for 10 minutes

  • Try a new workout and stick with it

  • Go to a matinee movie

  • Create a list of fun life goals

  • Start a home improvement project

  • Get a message

  • Complete a random act of kindess

  • Order your favorite takeout food

  • Take up a painting class

  • Most of all live your best life with no regrets

I’m Back!!!!!!

Brra ta ta tat

Guess back, it’s me yes it has been a while since my last post, did y’all miss me? I’m sorry that i have been neglecting my site but life happens and things get in the way of your passion at times. But i’m back i got a almost 2 weeks vacation from my job so i’ll be back post and motivating you as well as aspiring you, so look forward to  “Thoughtful Tuesday” tomorrow.