Manifest My Man

So did I ever tell ya’ll how I met my man? No? I didn’t think so, let me tell you. I met this amazing man of mine while out one night with my girls, we were having our every once in a while girls night out time. We went to the bar for the first time out of town, the bar was crowded, I mean packed. We made our way to a table and you know as usual we are drinking, chatting having a good time and then my one friend told me that this guy keeps looking our way, so I then say well who is he looking at? she was like i’m not sure but he keeps looking over here. We all are still drinking and we decided to order some apps (appetizers) while we wait on our apps we are dancing in our chairs of course and a couple of us were on our phones checking our social media and snapping cute pics. Out of nowhere this guy whom my friend was telling me about earlier came over to our table, he says to me ” hi, how are you?” I replied ” I’m good and you?” He proceeds to say can I talk to you real quick, I look to my girls and they all are smiling and nodding, so then i reluctantly said yes. We walk over to the next table and start talking, the conversation soooo good we talked about everything, I felt like I’ve known him for years.

He looked at his phone and realize it was getting a little late, so we exchanged numbers and he left with his friend. My friends and I ended up leaving shortly after, when I got home i texted him to let him know i got home safely. He said to that he was happy to hear that I made it home safe and most of all that I texted him (lol) The very next day he called me and we were on the phone for hours ( I really felt like i have been knowing forever) and the fact that I was on the phone with him had to mean I  was feeling him because everyone who knows me know that I don’t like talking on the phone (lol). From that day on we have been talking on the phone every since.

My man, I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that day comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for.


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