Manifest My Man

Day 3 out of 14 days of isolation with my man. This morning we slept in a little longer than yesterday, but up enough to have breakfast. I made french toast & chicken tenders with a side of fruit salad & to wash it down with (my man prefer coffee black) and I had hot green tea. After breakfast we got ourselves together to help giveaway food to students/parents who are in need during covid19 crisis. Afterwards we went on our daily walk, facetime his parents & mine plus his son. Spending this time with my man has been thee best time i’ve had in a while & i’m happy to be spending this time with him. I even witness him in work mode, cuz he’s been working from home and I must say it’s quite a turn on.


My man, I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that day comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for. 


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