Manifest My Man

Day 5 out of 14 days of isolation with my man, today we slept in a little longer than yesterday (matter of fact so long that we didn’t even eat breakfast). My man fix us lunch while I was taking a shower, he made us cold-cut subs and we had chips on the side and two cookies that I made from the night before. We sat at his bar ate and chat all while listening to 45 breaking news about coronavirse and what we are to expect for the next several days. After a quick lunch we went for a 30 min walk and more so to get some fresh air. After that my man worked from home while I tuned in on some talk shows that I don’t get to watch on a normal work day. He spend about a hour working, he notice that we were out of tequila and decided that we needed to make a quick liquor store run (yes I got him drinking light for the time being) lol.

We came home and partied with DJ Tanz for his birthday via social media, we danced and sang along to songs until the internet shut poor Tanz down (they was hating on a real one). We ended our night watching Empire and then Cherish the day. So now we are sitting in the bed watching lifetime ( well i am) he’s scrolling through social media and wanting to take bedroom pics for the #stayathome thing that’s trending, I guess I’ll take a quick pic then it’ll be lights out for us.

Stay tune to see what my man & I will be doing the rest of the week.

My man, I know we have have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that day comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for.


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