Manifest My Man

However many days of isolation with my man. This morning we really I mean really slept in (we didn’t wake up until after 12), so we showered real quick and went on our morning (well midday walk) just to get some fresh air and unwind, it only took 30 mins. After our walk we came in the house and had a light lunch, I fixed us a drink (nothing special) just a mimosa with a dash of strawberry.  Tonight we are gonna finish watching the new netflix series #BlackAF it’s different very different but we are addicted to it (lol) it’s funny cuz the guy in the show kinda reminds me of my man (as far as dressing wise and certain things he likes). No my man doesn’t wear track sweatsuits all the time, he knows how to dress and dress well, but since we been home it’s either pj’s or sweatsuits for the both of us.

I brought up the subject of getting a puppy (lol), my man is a dog lover but he loves them from afar. So i called his son (our little guy) and asked him what he thinks about us getting a dog, you know kids they get excited about everything (lol). I told my man that I just got off the phone with his son and that he was excited about getting a dog, (he can’t say no to the both of us lol). He just looked at me blank stare and said fine Ryann ya’ll win, what kinda dog is is that you want, the biggest smile crept on my face and I replied a toy size Schnauzer and a teacup yorkie mixed bulldog, he say’s and? I replied pretty please? I then start to show him pictures of both dogs. He then said i’ll think about it. I said as long as your thinking baby that’s good with me.

Stay tuned to see if we get a dog or both dogs (lol) I gotta a lot of work to do to get my puppy babies (if you know what I mean lol).

My man I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that day comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for. 


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