Manifest My Man

It’s another day in isolation with my man & we have just been chilling today after we took our little 30 min walk, watching some talk shows right now nothing major (lol). My man posted a picture of me for #WCW on his instagram page the caption read “My Queen”. So ya’ll know I had to respond back and say “I love you my King” (lol) we don’t ever try to be the corny couple that comments on each other post or the type to post things on Facebook to each other…..NEVER EVER will we do that, but a little shoutout or a #MCM, #WCW is cute every once in a while. Not everyone needs to see or hear about everything we do cuz our relationship is just that “OURS” no need to broadcast our love for likes or comments or give people a reason to talk and by nosy (lol). We prefer the lowkey life but trust me BABY when we step out we step out and it’s a known fact that he is mine and i’m his (lol), but seriously. 


My man I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that day comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for.


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