Manifest My Man

First of all I would like to say Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!!!!!. Just another day with my man during this isolation or are we not in isolation anymore? The world is slowly opening back up but we just gonna play it safe and not do too much (lol). The most we will do is go see his son and our parents that’s about it. Other than that we just chilling, today is gonna be another chill day for us, we might throw something on the grill later for dinner. Right now we are sitting out on the deck enjoying this nice weather we have today and yes we did go on our 30 min walk and feeling good, refreshed (lol). Of course we are enjoying our midday cocktail (just a little something before happy hour) we got good ole’ 90’s music playing right now (it’s such a vibe). Oh I forgot to tell yall we got the two dogs and they are boys one name is Pollo and the other one name is Jinxy. They sleep in the bed with us and everything (lol) our little fur babies. I love them soooo much and my man love them just as much. Pollo is a French Bulldog and Jinxy is a Schnauzer he’s Jet black but his paws are white as snow, Pollo is grey and white (kinda like a lilac color. We had them for about a week new and they just have been spoiled as ever (lol). I can’t wait for our little guy to see them, I know he’s gonna love them.

My man I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that time comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for.



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