Manifest My Man

Man oh man the events that occurred over the weekend, the world is really going through somethings right now huh? That’s all the discussion is at the table when we eat and the last thing that’s on our minds before we go to bed at night. My man is thinking about starting a new day and age Black Panther group and of course and his woman I have his back, he’s working and finding a place and meeting local black people to try and make a difference and bring a stop to the things that are taking place in the world right now. It’s time that we all come together as one and make our voices heard without all the craziness (don’t get me wrong i’m mad too but i’m not gonna go around and destroy anything either, that’s not the answer at all). We have been up all night long brainstorming, doing vision boards for this Black Panther Movement we even have a playlist that gets us in the civil right mood. I looked over at my man and told him that he can do it, if he start it watch how many people will follow, I told him that he can/will be the young black male leader for our community and to the youth. So that’s the task we will be handling this week.

Yes we went on our 30 min walk this morning with our fur babies Pollo and Jinxy (lol). You guys know our plans and agenda for today, just stay tune to what will be coming for us very soon. Together we stand together we make a difference, I still love my black skin and I love my black man and my black family. My black is beautiful.


My man I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that time comes for us to meet, it’ll  be a moment we both been waiting for.


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