Manifest My Man

This past weekend was defiantly one for the books, so HUGE, so EPIC, so WORTH it, very meaningful and heartfelt. Friday around noon my man and I went to go get our little guy for the weekend (we were more than excited to see him and he was excited to see us too). We took him to his favorite place to eat which is chick-fil-a we sat outside (of course) lol, while we ate we talked to him about what’s going on in the world as far as the virus and the killing of black people, we did not sugarcoat anything for him we were straight up honest with him and he had a couple of interesting question, (kids are smarter than what people think and are listening when you don’t think that they are) and to our surprise he was more knowledgeable than we thought. After lunch we went for ice cream and walked around town just to get some fresh air and to get a little normalcy  for a few minutes. On the car ride home we talked about the event on Saturday and to no surprise out little guy was eager to make poster and signs, so on our way home we stopped at Michaels craft store so we can get crafty (lol). We bought markers, paint, decals, all sorts of stuff.

Saturday morning had arrive and we got up at 7am simple cause the event we went to was 10am and it was 3 of us to get ready instead of 2 this time and on top of that we went to get there early so we can have a spot to stand. I will say that, that day was an emotinal one (that protest was everything our town needed and more). The out pouring love and respect that was shown was simply beautiful, nothing but positive energy was in those streets. The heartfelt messages, the singing the love was nothing short of amazing. It was diffidently somewhere you should be that day. Our little guy was sooo happy to be apart of that protest he was talking about it all night (lol). My man of course delivered a message reaching out to the young folk and the white supporters and I couldn’t be more proud of him and yes he’s moving forward with his youth program that he’s starting and he also asked the crowd the help him form and you black civil right movement and the response he received was mind blowing to say the least. So ya’ll know he has work to do and as he’s lady i’m gonna be right by his side helping him along the way.

Sunday we chilled in for a bit only cause we were still rilled up from Saturday’s event (lol) so we got him a little after 11 and missed Sunday service but that’s ok for those who don’t know, when we wake up in the morning we have a morning prayer, so we stay prayed up and are very connected to the Lord. We went on our 30 min walk with our little guy and our fur babies, yes our little guy fell in love with Pollo and Jinxy and they fell in love with him also. So that’s a plus for them and made us very happy. A little after dinner we took our little guy back home with his mother and I must say that I miss him already, he’s such a good kid and sooo damn lovable like his daddy (lol).

This morning we took our little 30 min walk and talked about the events of the weekend and what’s the next action plan to take and how are we gonna use our voices to stand up for what’s right and what’s wrong and most importantly how are we gonna educate our little guy so he can be in the know. After our walk we come in and had cereal sat out on the deck with Pollo and Jinxy took in the nice breeze and of course wrote down our goals for this week and goals for the future. We not doing too much today or the rest of the week cause next week the both of us are headed back to the grind, no more working at home. Both of us aren’t thrilled to be going back, but what can you do? I think the stay at home order kinda spoiled us in away, I told my man that he needs to hurry up and get rich so that I can stay home (lol) this man said ok babe give me time i’m working on it, I told him that I was serious and he said and I know and that he was too. That’s why I love that man if mine always looking out and supporting me in anyway he see how.


My man I know we have yet met but I know that yo are out there and when that time comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for.


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