Manifest My Man

This morning we got up fairly early, I guess we are trying to get in the swing of things for next week. We went on our 30 min walk and that will end come Sunday morning due to working next week (back to the grind). After our walk we come in and ate some oatmeal of course he had coffee and I had hot green tea. We talked about how things are gonna change next week all for work (lol) smdh, I’m dreading it soooo bad because it’s going to a lot different for me not so much for him because he’s in a office and some days he works from home anyway. Next week we will be staying at my place though and I know it’s gonna be different for our fur babies too and we found a doggy daycare for them to go to while we are at work, I don’t know about leaving spoiled puppies home by their self’s and in a new home too, yeah NAH!!! not gonna happen (lol). So like I said yesterday we’ve been chilling and soaking up these last few days of staying home with pay and enjoying each other with our fur babies.  


My Man I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that time comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for.