Manifest My Man

It’s Monday a start of a new week and the world is slowly going back or our what we call a new normal, I’ve been lucky this I don’t have to report to work until Friday and the hours are 9-3. Next week I’ll be back at work full swing and the hours are even better 630-2 and that’s gravy (lol). My man started back work today even though he works from home on Monday’s he had to report to the office for an face to face meeting, so it’s just me and the dogs for a while today, we went on our 30 min walk (the dogs and I), came back in and had a small breakfast and now we are just chilling in the living room watching “the real”.

Sunday my man and I went to good old Chocolate City (Washington DC) to visit BLACK LIVES MATTER plaza and it was an amazing experience for us, we watch a group of guys who call their selves “brother’s circle” perform in the street, we saw people selling shirts, sunglasses, mask, and more things. It was a lot of people from all different races coming together and spreading love to one another, it was simply beautiful. We took pictures and video’s of people with their signs, shirts and just being them. It really a blows my man how we all can still come together and support in the mist of what’s going on in the world (pandemic). We walked the street a couple of time before we left, that place was packed (lol). On our way home we stopped to five guys and got some burgers and fries and chocolate milkshakes (i know that sounds fat lol) but we are allowed a cheat day right? So you know clearly today is a meatless Monday and no more bread for the rest of the week. And of course I post my man for #MCM  the picture I used was him standing in front of a black lives matter sign down in DC, the caption was “this black man matters to me more than what he thinks, my lover”, PS. can’t wait for you to get home so we can cook dinner together”.

My man I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that times comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for.   


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