Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Do one self improvement act daily

Always focus on the positives

Stop caring about what other people think

Track you finances

Take proper rest every day

Develop a morning routine 

Always listen before you speak

Share you knowledge with others

Wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance


Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Jump on your bed, just like you did when you were little.

Go for a run or walk.

Write yourself a love letter.

Put some music on and dance away.

Make your favorite meal.

Have a intense workout session.

Buy yourself a bottle of wine, grab some takeout and watch TV.

Slow down and be present.

Create positive loving affirmations for yourself.

Do something you love.



Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

  1. Wake up in the right mind state

  2. Create a box of memories for the year

  3. Make your voice heard

  4. Support black businesses, black creators, black writers, black people

  5. Donate or volunteer 

  6. Do social media detox

  7. Take yourself on a solo date

  8. Love yourself

  9. Stay educated

  10. Stay lit, stay young

  11. Mediate/pray