Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Read a new novel each month

Try 5 new recipes

Travel solo

Take a sushi making class

Learn a new language 

Make a difference in someone’s life 

Do yoga more regularly

Have a green smoothie

Listen to a podcast

Start to carry a small note for ideas 

Things I Try To Live By Tuesday


Dream big

Plan ahead

Stay focused

Invest in yourself

Read books

Make your health a priority

Overcome my fears of rejection

Be patient, let time do it’s job


Do what feels good



Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Daily prayer routine

Establish exercise routine 

Finish a book

Book a family photo shoot

Go wine tasting 

Buy a nice camera

Be writer for a column in a newspaper/magazine 

Find a yoga video and stick to it 

Take a crafty workshop/t-shirt

Complete 40 random acts of kindness

Plan a girls trip/ use passport

Manifest the things I want to achieve & come it my life




Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

For the month of September I encourage you to do this things:

1 lunch date w/a friend

24 hours no social media

1 day outdoors

1 night out w/ friends

1 date night ( even by yourself)

1 breakfast meetup w/friends

1 movie night

1 day serving others

1 day completely to yourself 

Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Set monthly goals

Carry a bottle of water everywhere

Write  email to-dos on paper

Follow a quick morning routine

Unsubscribe from emails

Listen to podcast & audio-books

Practice self-care

Drink a glass of wine

Get a massage

Post a cool #throwbackthursday on social media 

Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Make a cup of tea

Browse the “positive and recovery” tags

Look up D.I.Y. project

Bake something

Light incense

Burn sage

Make a to-do list

Plan a weekend getaway and stay at a airbnb

Write a list of things you love about yourself 

Create a vision board