Saturdaze Tea

I don’t know who needs to hear this but practice your love language on yourself:

Words of affirmation: say nice things to yourself.

Quality time: take yourself on a date

Acts of service: give yourself a break

Physical touch: love your body and take time moisturizing your skin every morning

Gifts: buy yourself something nice

You’re worthy of the love you give to everyone else (love you first)


Sunday Funday

Are you ready for some football???? Sure as hell not me (lol) don’t understand it and will never get into it. But I am participating in the food and drink and I will watch the halftime show though. I’m actually sitting here waiting on my class reunion meeting to start on zoo, so I figured I would just blog for a bit being that I haven’t done so in a hot minute. Gotta go it’s getting close to 1 o’clock (I’ll be back soon, I promise).

Saturdaze Tea

Sometimes I feel like my love life is at a stand still and often times I feel like it’s never gonna happen to me, but just when I felt in doubt I came across this girl page on twitter and I was reading her tweets, and this one tweet stuck out to me she tweeted (dammit I can’t find it anymore smh) but anyway basically she was single for a long time and last month she got in a relationship with this amazing man and see said to God now I know why you had me wait so long for love cuz you sent me a man that was meant just for me. So I took that as I need to stop being so impatient and just wait on God’s timing.


So I did a thing this morning and bought a new laptop (HP to be exact). I love my HP’s but everything else in my house is Apple (lol). I’m gonna start posting on here move often just to up my traffic and mostly cuz it’s therapeutic. I might post my months thoughts on here ( I post my thoughts every other month on IG and Twitter) so I’ll just post them on here also.

Manifest My Man

Day 7 out of 14 day of isolation with my man (I say 7 b/c yesterday post was really tuesday post, I just got to it late). Today we slept in for a loooong while today, we went straight to lunch which was light. Did our normal roll call with our family and his little guy who has been attending his mother home school academy (lol). It sucks cuz this weekend is the weekend that we would be spending time with “lil guy” so his mom agreed with my man in doing facetime with him until he falls asleep this weekend, just so we can act as if we are with him. I must say I love my man & his baby mother’s co-parenting relationship and believe it or not her and I have a pretty good relationship from the jump. I guess because we didn’t look at each other as a threat and it helped that their son fell in love with me and I fell in love with him to. I told my man that he’s little guy is not only his little guy but mine too. We have the best blended family and I can only hope and pray that it stays that way, not only am I blessed to have my man but I’m blessed to have out “little guy” too.

My man, I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that day comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both been waiting for.