Monday Motivation

May this new week bring you unexpected blessings, beautiful surprises, and miracles from the universe that remind you that you’re headed in the right direction.

This  is the year of creating your dreams and moving boldly into action. It’s time to shine your inner greatness.

Manifest My Man

My man is 5’8″ no he’s not that tall because i’m not very tall at all, i am a whopping 4’11”, some would say he’s short for a man but Hey he’s taller than me lol. He’s dark complexion (just how i like them. He has both his ears pierced, not too buff and not every slender. He as good fashion sense and one hell of a sense of humor ( we laugh at each other all the time). His favorite clothing stores are: Urban Outfitters, Zara, Old Navy. Polo, Calvin Klin, Nordstoms just to name a few. He is well mannered but can go from 0 to 100 real quick (lol, my man don’t play when it comes to the one’s he loves). He has 1 child who he adores and spends as much time with as possible. He likes to travel, his passport has plenty of stamps. He not very active on social media but he as facebook, instagram, twitter & snapchat. He’s very much a mama’s boy & his father thinks the world of him. Did i mention that he as a great co-parent relationship with his baby mama?  He is very confident and a God fearing man. Sundays he loves to wear tailored suits. His shoe game is bananas. He rocks the latest sneakers on the weekends & cleans theme daily (lol). He eat semi healthy. He runs every morning before work. His favorite movies are “House Party 1-3” & all of the “Friday’s”. He use to wear cornrows straight back when he was in high school, now days he rocks a new short fade, his waves are popping. He loves old school rap he’s not into today’s rap, he calls it garbage. He can also chef it up in the kitchen. He shops in Pier 1 for home decor and target occasionally bed, bath & beyond. He’s very organize & great with finances. He loves to read his favorite writer is Jaquavis Coleman and he reads a couple of self help books as well. He’s very understanding and compassionate. He has tattoos but he didn’t go over board with them. He’s charming and a excellent listener, gives the best advice you could ask for. He will give you his last if he had to.

My Man, I know we have yet met but I know that you are out there and when that day comes for us to meet, it’ll be a moment we both have been waiting for.



Manifest My Man

So the new year is here and this year for me is all about manifestation. I’m  sorta scared to start this but i’m taking a leap out on faith & trusting God while i’m on this journey. This section on my blog I will me manifesting the things I want in my life and that is a MAN not just any old man, but a man that is going to God Sent to me.

I was inspired to do this from a woman who sells t-shirts and sends out weekly/monthly newsletters. So I hope you all help & support me in this journey, though some make fun of it, some may not understand it, some maybe inspired to do the same. However I just hope to manifest this God sent man.

Cheers to a New Year & Manifestation 

Things I Try To Live By Tuesday

Daily prayer routine

Establish exercise routine 

Finish a book

Book a family photo shoot

Go wine tasting 

Buy a nice camera

Be writer for a column in a newspaper/magazine 

Find a yoga video and stick to it 

Take a crafty workshop/t-shirt

Complete 40 random acts of kindness

Plan a girls trip/ use passport

Manifest the things I want to achieve & come it my life